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Private Healing Session
In Person

A custom blend of sound healing, Silver reiki, spoken word coaching and crystal therapy. This work can empower you to move past barriers like fear, anxiety, stress, dis-ease, and addiction to connect with your true and radiant self. 

£65.00 per person
£80.00 per couple
Private Group/Corporate Sound Bath
In Person

Experience the ultimate in group relaxation. A unique opportunity for your group to connect. Based on ancient healing techniques, vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to recalibrate the mind, body, and spirit. These healing frequencies stimulate brain waves that promote deep rest and relaxation. this creates custom experiences for corporate team building events, brand/product launches, group activity sessions at treatment centers and sober livings,  and, birthday celebrations, international conferences, wellness events, and more. 

Groups £200 (unlimited number)
Couples £80 
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