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Signature Experience Timeless 
A two hour 30 minute experience created with the idea of completely losing time. Travel into a bewitching playlist.
With endless hands free massage, deep and soft kneading, woven in Reflexologie sound of live gongs in the treatment space and Silver lining energy healing. 
This incredible experience is the perfect gift or treatment for you to just be you for a while. 

This is a powerful therapy that gets you to dive deep into the heart of your true self. The session will begin with a tea ritual allowing you to talk over difficulties and obstacles that may be holding you back in life.

A full-body massage will then commence using CBD oils massage oil. Warming frankincense will encourage your heart to open whilst Hannah will use a holistic blend of reflexology, intuitive healing, and energy therapy to guide your treatment. Gong healing and spoken word is used in this ceremony of the art of massage.

A stunning skincare treatment will be woven into this ritual helping you to sleep and rest after the long massage session. 

This treatment encourages our vast personal potential for health, happiness, and meaning.

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Silver lining life CBD Massage therapy
Introducing OTO residency

OTO delivers the world’s first sensory CBD-infused massage experiences that contain pure CBD isolate is the most luxurious massage oil to deliver muscular relaxation quickly, and sound therapy to alter your state of consciousness, with the aim to balance homeostasis, promote relaxation and manage stress.

OTO is committed to producing results-driven CBD products, allowing everyone to discover the power of CBD luxuriously and ethically. The spa massage treatments include re-energizing to release the tension, rejuvenating to focus the mind, and deep relaxation to pause and rebalance. OTO’s treatments are designed to deliver as much CBD as possible through the use of award-winning products with a soundscape to accompany each, allowing you to find your space.

Full Body Massage 65 Minutes £65.00
Full Body Massage 75 Minutes £75.00
Full Body Massage 90 Minutes £90.00 
Back Neck and Scalp Massage £55.00 

For home visits a small fuel charge is added depending on the distance. 

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Shamanic Stone Medicine Massage

The Hopi people and their practices were the source of inspiration for a type of massage now called Hakomi. Native American practices, in which hot and cold stones are used to deeply penetrate muscles and tissues to reduce pain and inflammation are what we now know as Hot stone massage.

All of these practices integrate physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of a person.


Hannah has a huge collection of marble and basalt stones from all over the world. She also collects smooth stones and natural rocks which she integrates into her treatments. This is a complete holistic body experience which is perfect for stressful times anxiety and overactive nervous systems.  

Hannah took her Stone therapy training with Jane Scivaner. Jane trained with Mary Nelson who was the lady that created La -stone therapy body therapy and brought hot stone treatments into spa culture. 

Somatic therapies work with the mind-body connection, supporting growth, healing trauma, and finding ease in the mind, the nervous system, and the body

Not Just a stone massage but a complete body healing with sound healing  £85.00
Hopi ear candles and stone healing £95.00
Barefoot and free  
A total switch off incorporating foot massage with reflexologie elements of scalp massage and sound therapy.

The theory behind this therapy is that the targeted points correspond directly to different organs as well as the body’s muscular nervous circulatory and skeletal system.

Blockages of energy within the body often a result of illness or stress prevent the body from functioning at its best.

In this treatment we work together to release the blockages throughout the body to allow free flowing energy throughout the entire system.

Balance oils are used on the soles of the feet and an aromatherapy but dry scalp massage is performed to help switch off the busy mind. 

Going barefoot after your treatment can absorb negative iron’s from the earth. You’ll always notice Hannah treatments are always done with no shoes on. Bring out the hippy in you and get Earthing. 

The Trip Foot scalp and sound therapy £65.00  
Sole revival Reflexology and Sound Therapy £60.00  
Clarity scalp massage and Sound  Therapy £60.00
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Silver Healing
Reiki Treatment

Feel your stress ebb away with this wonderful gentle energy healing Treatment.

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