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Selfridges plays Silver lining life sound meditation in collaboration with OTO CBD

Just after lock down London Selfridges had its first CBD whispering window. I was incredibly honoured to be able to work in a recording studio with OTO CBD Wellness brand. We recorded my sound meditation and this was played out into the streets of London.

Founder of OTO Gemma Colao

speechless and on cloud 9 to share our beautiful whispering window display in Selfridges!

It’s so liberating to see CBD become a feature on Oxford Street and I am so proud to be partnering with one of London’s most iconic stores on such an exciting OTO moment.

We commissioned an installation of over 200 origami leaves; that have transformed into beautiful birds - representing the ever evolving discovery and power of CBD, setting it free of any stigma. It makes me emotional watching the hemp leaf birds fly and achieve their potential to bring harmony and balance to peoples lives.

Incorporating sound into the display was so important, since we are on a mission to help people find their space between sound and silence. So, we placed hidden speakers in the window, reverberating healing sound, known to relax the mind and bodies through soothing vibrations.

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