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Happy Valentines 💗

Last night I posted about loneliness and how it can effect a person.

Being Valentine’s I thought it was a perfect day to raise awareness. You can feel lonely even if you have people around. Feeling alone can be a very difficult place to be. What we have to remember, it’s effect on our health as our body is releasing stress hormones as it fights back. 💘

After our self love meditation last night DASH Cafe I felt a strong need to talk to you about loneliness.

I’m no stranger to loneliness and have sadly experienced this in my life. I’ve also seen it with people close to me. It’s not that you haven’t got others around. It’s a feeling of complete emptyness. 💗

Loneliness might of happened because of a sad event or past trauma. Reach out because it’s such a wonderful time to be alive. Awareness of our mental health and so many events happening to support us.

Loneliness can be a serious condition and can even be a form of depression. For something as serious as loneliness, it is important to know the signs before the condition gets any worse. It can come in many shapes and forms, but there are some common symptoms among individuals who are experiencing loneliness. Some of the symptoms include materialism, a weakened immune system, weight gain, or even a social media addiction.

Despite it seeming like we are more interconnected with one another (thanks to social media), loneliness has been defined as the epidemic of our time, with more than half of us reporting feelings of loneliness. If you think you may be experiencing loneliness, chances are someone you know is as well. This is a challenge that can be overcome, though. All you need are the right tools and to reach out to each other.

I wanted to send everyone today some love and let you know if you feel lonely reach out.

Maybe come to one of my sound meditations. Or just send me a message. 🙏

Let’s talk

Whatever your situation at the moment remember being kind to yourself is the path to happiness a healthy body & mind. 💫

Sending love to you all and see you at an event or in the treatment room soon.

Reach out never feel alone people care and you do matter.

Love Hannah Lammiman

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