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Gratitude over stress

Tonight I’m grateful for my home my bed my family and my work.

I drove to my event tonight and the traffic was horrendous. Road closure’s and an accident. The time got later and later and I started to worry as I have the gongs to set up, tea to make lighting and to be ready for everyone coming into the gong Meditation

I didn’t need to worry I made it on time and when I arrived @thrive.healthandwellness the owner is so fantastic she helped me set up. 🙏

It’s so silly to get worked up over something small like being stuck in traffic. When I think how extremely lucky my life is right now. For so many displaced people after this weeks earthquake, I can only feel that I know in my heart that helping others relax is worth every single little effort and stress.

To all the amazing healers gong players, space holders I wanted to say this work is needed right now. So keep turning up, keep holding space for others and know you are making a difference in this ever changing world.

So for now I’m off to bed but for so many tonight that’s not an option. 🙏 Sending love to everyone 💗 and gratitude for my lovely life and safe warm bed.


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